text I've had many requests for music for web sites, but not everyone is able to commission or license original music.

So for those of you who want some music, and are willing to give credit where credit is due, here are some free QuickTime midi tracks and the code to embed them in your home page.

All you need to do is credit me by putting one of these images on your site, linked to


You can save the files to disk using the drop down menu on the controller, or download directly using these links.

trinkets  <embed src="trinkets.mov" type="video/quicktime" align="right" width="100" height="16" autoplay="false" controller="true" cache="true">

If you don't want to have a controller visible use:
hidden="true" autoplay="true"

sesame  The original version of the music which opens this site. Now extended and updated.
wishing  This is the fully realised 'wishing' of which the previous version was but a part. Part 1 in fact, and still available to download below. I'd always planned to take that cycling, panning synth somewhere, and this is where we got to...
wishing (part 1)  Here is Part 1 and familiar to most of my repeat visitors. The mix is slightly improved as well.
wishing (part 2)  And for those of you who want to cut straight to the chase, here is Part 2 on it's own.
trinkets (28k), sesame (35k), wishing (74k), wishing pt 1 (20k), wishing pt 2 (55k) Just in case you haven't got QuickTime Pro, and you find it difficult to save these files from the controller, try downloading from these links instead.