OK - the site hasn't been updated for years. It's not like I haven't been busy. Anyway I celebrated my fiftieth birthday recently and started a new project which is likely to be my swan-song. James Bisset: Fiftieth Anniversary Edition.
Embed your midi files on a web page, put background music into Marathon (the Bungie 1st person shooter game), slip your own instruments and samples into a QuickTime midi file, use QDesign to compress your audio files for streaming on the web and lots more...
So you want to put some cool background midi music on your site? Download some looping grooves and tunes, copy the html code and you're off.
Mousejam.com is great site for anyone who wants to jam live on the net. I was invited to do a track for it, and you can listen to my 'jam here. You can join in too and, as the mousejam motto goes - 'click like a mad person!'
Reel Funk Inc:
Before Jazzrascals, Reel Funk Inc was an occasional musical venture using the combined talents of James Bisset and P. Funkin. We also featured the vocal talents of Shairon Rodgers. Listen to the original demo of 'Feel the Love' and watch out for the remix 'We are the Law'.
Game Music:
'Excalibur: Morgana's Revenge' is a freeware game using the Marathon engine. I did the music for the first version using QT midi tracks. Now it's been completely rebuilt and the music is in full 16 bit stereo....